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It was a spectacular day in June when the McDowell Oral History crew made the pilgrimage to the Orchard at Altapass, just this side of the Blue Ridge Parkway. A visit to the Orchard can be an education on several subjects;  about the Over Mountain Men and the Revolutionary War, the super-human effort required to bring the railroad across the rugged Appalachian slopes and about the delightful characters that were the first to settle the area.

Most folks come to the Orchard to have FUN and what could be more fun than some good ole mountain music? In this clip, Judy Carson of the Orchard introduces Terry McKinney for a taste of the good times to be had on a weekend visit to the high country of McDowell County. Terry is a direct descendant of one of the most colorful residents to settle the area and he shares his wealth of knowledge about some of the important musicians to hail from McDowell.

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