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When the Oral History crew was taping this piece about Old Fort Mountain Music, we set up for awhile on the street outside to get some shots of folks arriving and visiting with one another.  While we were out on the sidewalk, an elderly couple drove up and the gentleman helped the lady out of the car and into the building. After he parked the car,  he pulled an odd-looking cane out of the back seat and used it to make his way over to us.  His eyes danced as he showed us the cane was also a slender mandolin!  Proudly explaining that he had made it himself, he turned it over and played “Little Liza Jane”.  He then gave us a hug as if he’d known us all his life, put the instrument back to use as a walking stick and went inside to await the start of the evening’s program.

That episode sums up the feeling of Old Fort Mountain Music…there are no strangers in Old Fort on Friday night.  People of all ages and walks of life, some from just around the corner and some from across the globe, are united by their love of traditional music and old-fashioned fun.

Current MC and sound man Wayne Roland met us in the old Rockett building to talk about the history of Old Fort Mountain Music and about everything that goes into making it such a special event.  If you’d like to visit Old Fort Mountain Music,  it’s located at 55 E. Main Street.

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