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The Ledbetter House, built in 1826, bosts exceptionally intact interior features.

The Ledbetter House, built in 1826, boasts exceptionally intact interior features.

Stepping through the front door of the Albertus Ledbetter House could be the closest thing to stepping back in time you’ll ever experience. Lovingly restored by Arthur and Zee Campbell, the house  has all its original doors with the original locks and hinges.  The 1826 spring house, with rock retaining wall and sluice, has been brought back to life as well.  The farm is dotted with 19th and 20th century outbuildings, and today is known as Spring House Farm, hosting guests in rustic rental cabins.  This unique eco-retreat is also a site on the N.C. Birding Trail.

Harold McCurry spent part of his childhood at the Ledbetter House.  He joined us on the front porch to share some memories about growing up in Montford Cove.

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