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Joe Williams (left) and Mark Hall (in blue) with fellow Fort supporters and re-enactors

In October of 1781, the Revolutionary War ended when the British surrendered at Yorktown. But, much of the groundwork for that final American victory had been laid at Davidson’s Fort, located near the present town of Old Fort. The largest volunteer militia of the war gathered there and many historians say that the grit and determination of that force turned the tide in the settlers’ favor in their fight for independence.

Davidson's Fort replica by Lissa Silver

In this segment, Joe Williams and Mark Hall of Davidson’s Fort Historic Park explain the historical significance of the fort, talk about the earliest origins of the town of Old Fort and discuss their organization’s vision for an interactive recreational and educational park.

Listen here: .Joe and Mark refer several times to important information gleaned from soldiers’ pension applications.  You can read some of those applications here.

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